I am a massage therapist who received my license in 2009. I have taken 16 hours of continuing education every 2 years since I was licensed. I received a certificate from Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in medical massage in 2014. I am not a medical professional, Dr, chiropractor or Naturopath etc. I can not diagnose diseases or disorders. Please consult your Dr. or health care provider if you think you have a disease or disorder, or if you need specified treatment for a disease or disorder. All the information provided in these posts comes from my training in massage therapy which included, anatomy, physiology, pathology, some kinesiology, sports massage, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and a tiny bit of Chinese medicine. I also attended cosmetology school at Central New Mexico Community College where I studied the structure and function of the skin and hair, and the diseases and disorders that effect them. The licenses I hold and the training I have received give me the ability to speak knowledgeably about certain things but not all things. If you have a question please ask, if I can not answer it I will try to direct you to the correct resource. Please use common sense when trying, using, or doing anything I talk about in my posts.  Always consult a medical professional before taking or using any thing mentioned in a post. Things I mention may not work for you even if they work for me. Please take that into consideration before trying anything I post about.It’s your body, health, skin, hair, please do what works for YOU!



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